A Gift from Emma

Back in October (2011), I had the pleasure to work with a woman by the name of Emma Peterson. Emma is an aspiring Dancer, that heard about my services from working with a few others at the Lou Conte Dance Studio at Hubbard Street Dance. Click Here info you're interested in learning more about the school.

At any rate, we had a blast that day. We started out at a train stop, and ended up at a viaduct shooting with cars patrolling to the left and right of us. The pictures came out great. Emma's primary goal of the shoot was to get some up-to-date Head shots that could be used in her Portfolio.

After a few requested changes to some text choices and layouts, we finally hit the nail on the head. She emailed me her appreciation and mentioned that she would be sending me something in the mail. Well, needless to say I had completely forgotten about monitoring my mail for 'something.'

I recently was going through a 'Bag O' Mail' that I had been creating since dating back to approximately June of 2011. Don't be alarmed, because like most people, I can read thru envelopes and know what is a 'reminder' versus what actually requires my immediate attention!..or so I like to think!

At any rate, last night was the cleaning out of that 'Bag O' Mail' and I ran across Emma's Appreciation Gift. It was a great find, and by far, definitely the best thing that came out of that bag! Since it would appear that I only check my mail every 6 months…I wonder what I will find in August of 2012!

Thank you Emma! It was my pleasure working with you!

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