Through recent experience, I feel it's important for me to provide a Checklist of items to take into account prior to sitting for your Photo Shoot.


  • Hair combed and to your personal approval
  • Even if your shoot is planned to be inside, if you can pin your hair up (or down depending on the style) that will help to limit or minimize images that you disapprove about stray or misplaced hair.
  • Bring a mirror so that you are able to check your hair, make-up, teeth, etc. on-site
  • Skin Moisturized
  • Make-up and accessories are as you like them
  • Check to ensure no food particles are lodged in teeth
  • If you prespire around the head and neck area, be sure to be equiped with a cloth towel or cloth so that your sweat doesn't show up in your photos.
  • Dress appropriately for the climate conditions
  • DO NOT over or under dress. Dress in layers so if you get hot or cold you can more easily adjust.
  • Be sure that Bra Straps are concealed
  • Be wear to wear comfortable shoes
  • If you are able to bring a friend to assist with carrying your personal items that you may require, feel free to invite them along!

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